Saturday, September 23, 2017

SETI Starmap

I've had SETI to play with for a few weeks now, and I am still just blown away. Every time I pick it up, I'm impressed. This is a middle weight wrap, on the heavier side - but it's not nearly as dense! It is absolutely toddler heaven - has excellent support, and is kind on the shoulders. The weft side is quite rough at first, it almost felt prickly or scratchy. Given a bit of love, however, it has broken in to be very soft. The Viscose is still not *quite* as fluffy as the Dryads, but it's close!
The Cotton is so shiny

This wraps like a mix between Dryad Frost Birches, and Barny. Maybe a bit like 925. The silver side is gorgeously textured, and I feel that in any other pattern I would find it too grippy. The cascade cotton is so glidey in the starmap pattern, and it makes for a delightful combination of grip and glide. I'd personally prefer this as a shorty, because I live in a warmer area, but this would be fantastic in any size! I found that this wraps a bit short, but not too much so. I would buy a size up still - since I want something like a 3, I'd buy a 4.
This holds solid in a single knot, in a long size.
This has an almost fluid drape to it - I'd guess the viscose does it. I've been folding this in half and draping it over my shoulders as a shawl in the evening, it feels almost like a weighted blanket. 
The texture on the SETI side is similar to Barnacle Aqua
I will say - this would not be my first choice for VERY small babies... it's a bit thicker, so I think babies younger than about 2 months could get lost.
Leo felt weightless for almost 2 hours in a FWCC

Definitely suggest this gorgeous wrap! The Cascade warp is so lovely. There's bits of blue, green, and purple that make it look very different in different light. It's similar to cyano, in some ways. The SETI weft is so delightful - soft, but textured. There's different colored threads with the fiber, and it's fascinating to look at.

I had to include a few extra pictures, because I love them so much. Such a sweet memory with my boys!


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