Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pyrula Aqua Vortex Review - AKA: I love Aqua!

Pyrula Aqua Vortex spam, and a bit of Aqua Geekery :)
I'm a lover of the classic fispis, the original Cyano colorway was so breathtaking and it practically glowed... I think Fispi has finally re-created that with it's Aqua cotton.
I've had the chance to play with 4 Aquas now(pictured), and each one has softened up beautifully within a few ups. The color is hard to capture on camera, but you can see how the blue just shines. I love how the Aqua changes based on the color it's sitting next to, the shade of blue changes based on what the warp thread is. In Rosecup it's more purple, where in Delph it is a cooler blue.
When I first saw Pyrula, I thought it looked quite similar to Barny, and was not terribly impressed. I so love Barny, so I felt that Vortex was somehow redundant? Either way, it wasn't until I took a look at both of them together that I realized how different and unique they actually are. I still look at Barny and see a stormy ocean, where as Pyrula's linen side is the most beautiful wheat color, a gorgeous golden yellow. It started out a smidgen crunchy, but turned into butter after a few hours in my dryer with some dryer balls.
This is on the heavier side, even with some breaking in... it feels like it wraps a bit short, so I'd buy a size longer than you need just to be safe. It's not as thick as Sylvan or Andromeda, but it still had a larger knot than I was expecting. Completely, 100% toddler proof - I walked the mall a few times and my big toddler was completely weightless... even in a ruck! I'm on restricted toddler carrying right now, but in this beauty I wasn't hurting at all even after a nice long walk. I had absolutely no problems with digging, which I've been quite sensitive to lately.
Pyrula has some gorgeous texture, I think it would make a perfect shorty for the summer... Grippy and cushy enough to hold in a slip-knot, but would also be lovely and breathable in base or +1. I think the Linen and beautiful colors make this wrap a perfect year-round wrap... Snowy colors in the winter, and sunny sand in the summer.

 Overall, I really underestimated Pyrula. It makes for a lovely soft and absolutely gorgeous wrap that can be casual or classy. It's so sturdy, I would trust it from squish to toddler to preschooler. As per usual for me, I adore the "wrong" side, and I love the texture this linen has.

Well done again, Fispi ladies! <3

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