Monday, February 6, 2017

Rosecup Aqua festival review

Oh man. What to say about Rosecup.

This wrap really did surprise me - When it first landed it was so crunchy and stiff, I thought it could never fit in with the rest of my fispi collection. I had to really give it a workout, but after about a week of sleeping on it, sitting on it, running through rings, and throwing it in the dryer with tennis balls, it finally gave up! If you are buying this for a newborn, don't be discouraged! It really does evolve into the buttery soft wrap we've come to expect from firespiral... Just maybe send it to visit with a friend with toddlers first!

Now, this wrap is really, stunningly amazing. If you haven't given a Festival a try, you really truly need to. The weave is just fantastic, waffly and cushy, while still being thin enough for summer. I found the 100% cotton ones to be a smidgen less supportive in single pass carries with my huge toddlers, but Perran and Rosecup both are amazing with even big kids! I have it in base, but with the linen you can get away with basically any length! The weave gives enough grip, so you can get away with slip knots or even ring finishes! Festival is a loose weave, so you might get pulls... But they're some of the easiest pulls to fix, you might not even need a needle or pin.

Now about the color. I am not usually a pink kind of girl(it's a redhead thing), but this color is the most
beautiful shade of coral/sunset/SOMETHING that it just works. And of course, aqua is the perfect blue as well. Either side worn out is lovely. I honestly didn't expect to love this wrap, just based on personal preference for color... But here it is. my go-to blue jeans wrap. This is a truly underrated wrap, it can be neutral, dressy, casual, winter, summer... Basically a perfect all around workhorse!

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